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Edited By Pirate on 10/19/2011

And here we go again!

I have been really bored and thinked to make something more "simple" tutorial stuff for people who might need it.

So here is it, your own simple map-generator!

It makes mountains + water with circle balls.
and heres the deal:

- press mouse1 in screen to start "printing"
- press left to reset positions
- press right to reset positions for water
- press space to take picture

(doesnt take many pictures, only one and it will always replace the old one so remember rename before you take new picture)

- press down to restart all

so tell me what you think and comment.

If there is anything what you might need as "tutorial" just let me know if i can do.

free source ofcourse, cheers!

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Posted by Chris Burrows 16th October, 2011

Very nice.

The exe works fine, but when I run the mfa, the grass isn't displayed properly. I'm using MMF2 Dev 251? I can send you a screenshot if you like?
Posted by danjo 17th October, 2011

the supplied exe is different from the build with the mfa.
Posted by nivram 17th October, 2011

Well (Pirate). Can you make a mfa that follows the exe, or supply the mfa that the exe was made from?



What I did was to make a quick backdrop the same as the grass and that worked for now.
Comment edited by nivram on 10/17/2011
Posted by danjo 18th October, 2011

it would be more efficient and faster to not draw the grass, and do as marv suggested - having a default grass backdrop, and just draw the mountains & water
Posted by Pirate 19th October, 2011

Hmm, i never realized that it doesnt work correctly when we run it from mfa, but dont worry.
Like Danjo said, you can fix problem with ready background grass.

and thanks for comments.
+ let me know if i can make any other tutorials.
Posted by nivram 19th October, 2011

Adding small trees would be a treat. A darker green than the quick backdrop I added using the color of your active grass.







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