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ORP Burza
Author: Don_Sotto Submitted: 25th October, 2011 Favourites:4
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 223
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Edited By Don_Sotto on 10/29/2011

Edited By Don_Sotto on 10/25/2011

Would you like to become a captain of your own ship? No? Nevertheless, you have this opportunity. ORP "Burza" is a simple arcade game about WWII in which you steer polish war ship. You have to avoid submarines' mines, unexpected sea monster attacks, bullets from ships navigating around or attack them with numerous kinds of bombs (you can use simple deep charges, but soon you'll gain climax bombs, fragmentation bombs and other weapons, which will surprise enemy by it's massive destruction abilities).

The inability to see what is going on under the surface - it makes the game a bit more difficult. However, by means of sonar, the player can see shapes of things which are under the ship - submarines, sea creatures, animals or mines.

Histological aspect of this game ends on the very name of the ship "Burza" ("Storm") and shapes of some enemy ships. The player is in the middle of a sea battle, and you may seem that the forces are unequal. However, due to the huge arsenal of bombs, the player can make huge damage under the sea..

The game includes several levels located in a few locations, like for example calm sea, but you'll have to face off Poseidon's anger and dangerous bosses, who won't let you go.

What can I write more? Just have fun... and if you would like to see my other projects - visit

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Posted by Chris Burrows 27th October, 2011
Rated :

Nice game! The sonar effect looks great. Is it a scanline layer effect or did you just animate all the ships that way? AND I LOVE THE SQUID!
Posted by Fanotherpg 29th October, 2011
Rated :

It's animated that way. No Alpha channels or stuff like that.

And yeah it's very well made game.
Posted by Tropik 30th October, 2011
Rated :

A little boring. IMO missions are too long! Also it's very annoying when you have to pass all level again, when you die.
But the graphic is pretty cool. I like it.
Posted by Dave C 30th October, 2011
Rated :

why did you make the ship completely turn around when the player holds left/right.. it should just move backwards or forwards but not do a complete 180.. looks weird.. otherwise awesome presentation.
Posted by Don_Sotto 31st October, 2011

Dave C: it's called retro Image I saw that effect in a few games and it looked just awful - in case of slow vessel it could be ok, but not for fast destroyer as "Burza".
Comment edited by Don_Sotto on 10/31/2011
Posted by Matthew89 12th November, 2011
Rated :

Dude! The game is awesome! Pretty cool effect about this sonar. I had finished this game, and love last Boss, great stormy level.




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