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Monster Rally - Demon cup
Author: Lobot Submitted: 1st November, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 248
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Edited By Lobot on 11/1/2011

I was aiming to get this done before Halloween, just missed it!

Race the Monster Rally with one of four creepy characters. Buy upgrades and weapons in the parts shop to get ahead. Test your speed in the 'Time trial' mode.


Steering- left, right arrow keys
Accelerate- X
Hand Break- Z
Fire Missile- Space bar
Drop Mine- Shift key

The game was made with use of the mmf2 swf exporter- the game was not designed to run as an exe. Please excuse the fact that it's a link instead of a download.

p.s New tracks will be added in two new tournaments later.

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Posted by Rikus 2nd November, 2011
Rated :

This really is a great game, the presentation is top! Wish we had more racing games like this
Posted by Windybeard Games 3rd November, 2011
Rated :

This is a fantastic game, The graphics are great, the gameplay is very solid, controls are great. Congrats
Posted by Lobot 3rd November, 2011

Thanks for your comments guys.
If anyone can get under 23 seconds in the 'graveyard GP' time trial I'll give them 100 DC points...
Posted by Otter 3rd November, 2011

I must say I found this entertaining as well! I plan to rate later. But I feel the need to ask, what did you use for the race car controls? I assume it's a custom movement right? Or is some work done on the default controls?
Posted by Lobot 3rd November, 2011

Thanks Wiiman- The controls are a mix of custom and default. I used the race car movement but actually only used this for the acceleration. the turning is custom and markers were used for collisions and skidding (hand break). I added a sprite mask that rotates 360 and can face a different direction to the 'real' sprite. This helps with the skidding.
Comment edited by Lobot on 11/3/2011
Posted by markno2 3rd November, 2011
Rated :

I got under 23 seconds... I think.
Posted by Lobot 3rd November, 2011

Congratulations! 100 DC points for marky_2
Posted by Jenswa 3rd November, 2011

Cool another kart racer!
Posted by Dave C 5th November, 2011

I can't control any of the racers at all.. it just goes really really fast.. maybe it's my computer?
Posted by The Chris Street 10th November, 2011

Yeah, it's really fast for me too
Posted by Lobot 11th November, 2011

Hmm, maybe it's something to do with 'machine independent speed'..? Does swf export include this? maybe not...





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