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Spooky Block Breaker
Author: Road Kill 1987 Submitted: 14th November, 2011 Favourites:1
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 47

Edited By Road Kill 1987 on 11/15/2011

Re-submitting due to my mistake


Spooky Block Breaker is a game very similar to Super Collapse but a bit more simple really, none of them bombs here, just try and get the highest score possible but be warned, it gets difficult quickly.

For the people who either never heard of Super collapse or played it, the objective is to get the highest score and progress through the levels, Spooky Block Breaker is similar where you got to get the highest score.


In this game you just use the mouse, you could possibly use a touch screen if you have one but I have not tested the game with one

You use the left mouse button to select the first block you want to remove and any adjoining blocks of the same kind will be removed but there must be more than one block of the same kind next to the initial block otherwise you will endure a score penalty.

If for any reason you are getting dangerously close to the top you can click on the panic button that is located to the right side of the screen to clear the screen but you only get one, once you've used it up you won't get to use it again.

If you need to also you can pause the action by clicking on the pause button on the right side near the panic button.

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Posted by Road Kill 1987 14th November, 2011

Hope it works this time.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th November, 2011

The description is still a bit short, I'll let it through this time but if you can make it longer that'd be good. What is Super Collapse, for example? How does the game work... how to play it, etc?
Posted by Road Kill 1987 15th November, 2011

Is that ok?
Comment edited by Road Kill 1987 on 11/15/2011
Posted by The Chris Street 15th November, 2011

Posted by Road Kill 1987 15th November, 2011

Cool, thanks.




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