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Dark Pineapples & Chocolate [The Game]
Author: Robert Rumney Submitted: 16th November, 2011 Favourites:2
Genre: Action Downloads: 84

Tristan Banhegyi is no ordinary human being, he has the amazing ability to fry a potato to perfection within 3 minutes & make amazing psytrance music using advanced synthesis technology & madness! But when Tristan banhegyi, aka Psynaptix decided to return to his laboratory for an extended amount of time to work on his latest album, a freak oscillattor routing accident opened up a portal to another world!

Abducted by the evil chocolate coated aliens of Theobromia, Psynaptix is taken captive, and transformed into a pineapple as part of a sick experiment, but using the powers of psytrance [& a little help from a friend] he takes flight. And must escape this evil world, as a flying pineapple.

Can you help Psynaptix defeat the evil chocolate coated aliens of Theobromia? Can you help him regain form as a human, and not a ridiculous flying pineapple, in order to finish his album in time for release?

With 6 weapons to choose from & a thunderous psychedelic soundtrack, only your keyboard & mouse hold the answer!

Developed By Impossible Object Studios

In Assosciation with Karana Electronic Music Downloads

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Posted by Lobot 17th November, 2011

Awesome music. Only wish you could turn off the sfx so I could hear it better. Really appreciate the 'TWELV LSD Influence' download on the site - Have you ever heard of Tribe of Frog from Bristol? they do psy-trance festivals...
Posted by Robert Rumney 19th November, 2011

Tribe of Frog! Sounds awesome Im from South Africa though, havent been to any Bristol festivals before But Glad you enjoy my album Thanks man! As for the game music, you can download the album from karana on the 24th of November! Thanks again - Peace [Twelv]





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