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Old MMF 1 Example Files
Author: MasterM Submitted: 15th January, 2012 Favourites:0
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Back in the day when box art was still epic, click products came with a good graphics editor Clickteam would release it's masterpiece Multimedia Fusion 1 that came with a collection of nice example files to give people an idea what was possible with MMF.

All those old files shouldn't be forgotten.

Just remember the great tutorial files TGF had. Remember that 3d rendered wizard protecting his sheep? What kind of games came with CNC? I don't know cause I've never owned it.

I do not own the copyright for this but I encourage everyone to gather any of their old klik stuff and simply share it with the rest of us.

I still miss the old days and think very fondly of them.

btw I couldn't copy INSTRUCT.FLC of "Maths" because of a CRC error.

It would also be great if TDC Museum dude could host this so it will be avaible on the net forever. I've no clue how long mediafire keeps stuff online.

Enjoy and spread the love

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Posted by Dave C 16th January, 2012

someone needs to compile the original romeo on KNP! that game was the bomb
Posted by MasterM 17th January, 2012

I could also provide all the old KNP games if you want them? I just want people to see how lovely and great the graphics used to be of the tutorial files and maybe new people can learn from it too?
Posted by Zephni 18th January, 2012

Awesome! will download, agreed i'd love to see the old KNP games they were flippin awesome. Was racing line on there?

Also dyu remember labotamy and zeb? And the hedgehog maths game?! nostalgia...
Posted by Zephni 18th January, 2012

Oh and the underwater one where you shoot mines... what was that called?
Posted by Dialga-Brite 19th January, 2012

it makes me wonder why they stopped including things like this with MMF2.
Posted by MasterM 19th January, 2012

@Dialga-Brite: yes I am wondering myself.

I think nowadays most kids thing Break Out / Chocobreak is all you can do with Clickproducts while we all know this isn't the case.

@Zephni: yeh I can also provide the old KNP games.

Zeb and Lobotomy are great and I think easy to find but they had that awesome game with a WIZARD and SHEEP I just can't find anymore :C

If anyone still has that?

so yeh I guess I'll upload the old KNP games at some point and I really hope this will raise some awareness for I don't know what click products can do and that Clickteam used to have great example files with lovely graphics.
Posted by Dave C 19th January, 2012

maybe when they start beta testing MMF3 we can all create some small games in the style of the old example games for them to include with MMF3?
Posted by MasterM 20th January, 2012

MMF 3- we all know that will never happen, will it?
I just want Construct 1 to export to Flash and then I'd be happy or MMF 3 to be like Construct.

all the build in engines are still the same as KNP as in: shit.
while if you use any build in engine construct 1 uses you can actually make a decant game with an engine that WORKS!
shame construct 2 is just HTML 5 I don't care about yet but the time MMF 3 comes out Flash will be dead and HTML 5 will be the next I suppose.
Posted by Cameron L Mercer 6th July, 2012

I second lobotomy, zeb, and the underwater sub shooting mines game! There was also some fighting game too! MAN these were classics!





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