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Kripple Demo
Author: The-B-Man Submitted: 20th January, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 37

Edited By The-B-Man on 2/2/2012

Challenging, dungeon escape platformer, that consists of a simple control system, and great obstical course. By challenging, I mean you'll bite your lip with aggrivation in this demo, I promise a challenge.

So far there isn't a story line, but the main charactor is stuck in a dungeon for unknown reasons, and is only seeking a way out. You must guide him to the key and then back to the door, to move on to the next stage.

Death spikes, spinning blades, and instant death smashers block your way to freedom.

Arrow keys:
Left to go left.
Right to go right.
Up to jump.(twice to double jump)
Down to duck.

Down+Up-short jump.

Letter keys:
ctrl is to grapple to walls.
Q is to open the door once you've retrieved a key.
R to restart level after death.
Download and tell me what you think!

Now with levels 1-4

Review This Download Demo2.exe (828 kkb )

Posted by viva/volt 22nd January, 2012
Rated :

Reminds me a lot of Paroxysm, which isn't a bad thing but it is very similar.

I like that your idea of difficult is actually having to manoeuvre around levels carefully not just timing puzzles. I do wish there was a checkpoint once you reached the key...

I also ran into a bug where sometimes following a walljump (which are pretty awkward to execute). I would keep running left and was unable to stop.

Also at the end of the acid pool in level 2, when jumping out 99% of the time I would get stuck to the wall and die. I gave up because of that, but I would really liked to have seen the other levels.
Posted by The-B-Man 23rd January, 2012

That's very weird that you ran into those problems, because i've played the game a lot looking for bugs and was unable to find any.

And I know the wall jumps are awkward, but once you've become familiar with the controls they become fairly easy to do.

And i've gotten that a few times about the game being like paroxysm, but i've never played that game, and would actually like to play considering I've been called a copy cat.

I'll try to solve those problems if i come across them. Over all i just hope you enjoyed it a little.

Posted by Bricnic 23rd January, 2012

Link to Paroxysm (excellent game):
Comment edited by Bricnic on 1/23/2012
Posted by Va1entine 23rd January, 2012
Rated :

The game engine seemed pretty solid and the concept is a good idea. However a couple of bugs and the sheer difficulty put me off abit. You could certainly build this game into something special! Good job Bman!




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