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The Great Normal Brothers: 1st Public Demo (BETA)
Author: Marco Medina Submitted: 25th January, 2012 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 159

Edited By Marco Medina on 1/31/2012


First Public Demo (BETA)

The first public demo has been released, remember, the game's not completed yet.

This Video Game is based directly on two titles that were released in the second half of the 80's, Super Mario Brothers (For the Nintendo Entertainment System, 1985) and The Great Giana Sisters (For the Commodore 64 and Amiga computers, 1987). Features 16-Bit graphics with music that contains instruments from old Video Game Consoles.

It combines already existant concepts from many old Video Games along with new concepts such as: Bonus Stages, various types of gameplay, and much more. It's not good as the original games, but it's made with the intention of remembering the good old times with new characters.

The game's development started early in the year 2011, and the engine took about 12 months to complete, there's much more to be done.

I really hope that you enjoy it. ^^

The game's storyline is completely fictional, but the main characters exist in real life, they are respectively Me, and my brother Antonio.

In December of the year 2010: Marco, with some assistance of his big brother Antonio, programmed fictional computer game called: "The Great Normal Brothers"

Its story was centered in themselves and their silly adventures in a ficticious world. However, while they were playing it, for some unknown reason, something went wrong. They were sucked into their own Video Game, and they must complete it to get back to the real world. Each brother must collect 5 keys to open the big door located at the end of the world.


Apparently, the two brothers have their own nicknames in their Video Game: Yuri (Antonio) and Bosco (Marco), and must defear their evil counterparts: Vladimir and Irgonichov, The Great Devil Brothers


The next version will be released soon with more levels, features and less bugs, thanks for playing.

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Posted by Zephni 26th January, 2012

Looks good, maybe I'm clicking the wrong links but when I get to the point where I think I'm going to download it, it says the file isn't valid...
Posted by columbo borgi :C 27th January, 2012
Rated :

I suggest lot of secrets behind those bricks. I destoyed all the bricks on the tutorial and on the first level, and there was nothing

otherwise it looks very promising, grat game
Posted by BattleCat 28th January, 2012
Rated :

It was a pure joy to play through. It's really well made Image
<br />

<br />
Here are my thoughts:
<br />

<br />
When you have the H or S power, it's kinda hard to tell if you got hit. Maybe put in a punching sound or something and make the player flash so it's obvious.
<br />

<br />
When you destroy a brick you keep jumping, where if you hit an arrow block you're stopped. It feels kind of strange that they have different effects on you.
<br />

<br />
More enemies (i'm sure this is in your plans seeing as this is just a demo)
<br />

<br />
I felt like the boss took to many hits to die, when there was no special tactics required.
<br />

There was something odd about the music. It honestly sounds like it's played by musicians who can't keep the beat. I tried listening to it in VLC and it was like that as well. It must be something with the music files.

<br />
All in all a brilliant effort - well done Image
Comment edited by -eviscerator- on 1/28/2012
Posted by Hagar 30th January, 2012
Rated :

I quite like the presentation of this game. In many ways it reminds me of DOS games made by Epic Megagames (as it was known back then), it also reminds me of some Amiga games I played on my friends Amiga 500.

The only thing I did not like is the music tbh, it kind of sounds off beat as already mentioned although I am sure this can be remedied. Maybe worth considering making your own music, but if your like me this is not normally feasible.

As already mentioned by eviscerator, I think losing or gaining a power up should be more obvious to the player.

In my opinion this is what clicking should be about. Well done .

Posted by Hugo B. 10th February, 2012
Rated :

Awesome game. I loved the chip tune music, reminding of those 80s games. Obviously, there is quite some inspiration from platform games from those days, including Mario. Great music, fun gameplay, 5 stars!





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