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Chip's Engine (Chip's Challenge made in MMF2)
Author: supaguygames Submitted: 19th March, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 296

Edited By supaguygames on 3/19/2012

Edited By supaguygames on 3/19/2012

Make a chip's challenge game with this engine, you need Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer to make this game. You can also make updates for this engine.
This includes:
* A game remake
* Re-Created!
* 1 demo level.

Next update:
* Boss battle demo
* New enemies/hazards.
* And more!!

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Posted by nivram 22nd March, 2012

We have to sign up just to download?

Posted by supaguygames 22nd March, 2012

@nivram idk..
Posted by Chris Burrows 23rd March, 2012

I loved Chips Challenge but I am not signing up to to download this.

Email it to me: and I will uploaded it on my website and then you can link to it there directly.
Posted by nivram 24th March, 2012

Bless you Chris.

Posted by Silveraura 24th March, 2012

Judging by the first screenshot... it's not on a grid, so right off the bat I can tell it's probably not going to be an accurate replication of the original chips challenge.

With that said, if you're going to take on your own spin, you should make new graphics too. Could lead to something interesting, even if it's a fan game at heart.
Posted by UrbanMonk 24th March, 2012

Posted by Chris Burrows 25th March, 2012

Sorry to pick, but the blue and red locked doors in the first screenshot seem kind of pointless.
Posted by nivram 29th March, 2012

What ever happened to the original poster's engine? Any info?


Posted by supaguygames 29th March, 2012

@nivram idk....





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