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Author: Eugene Wolfson Submitted: 30th March, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 90

Edited By Eugene Wolfson on 4/3/2012

Coloropus is an underwater themed adventure/puzzle game about a little color-addicted octopus.

-- Gameplay is based on solving color mixing and physics puzzles -- player can explore large ocean world, fight with foes, collect upgrades and interact with NPCs and environment.
-- No use of spoken and written language. All interactions between the game character and NPCs come as little animated comics in speech bubbles telling main storyline and providing a player with hints.
-- Seamless game immersion: main menu, progress, credits -- everything is part of game itself.
-- There is karma system in game -- if Coloropus dies he goes either to Heaven or Hell depending on playing style. Player can return to the place he ended up dying after successful escape and resurrection.
-- Underwater atmosphere is carefully grained and sustained -- dozens of beautiful hand-drawn locations scattered around the sea from peaceful and calm places down to deep, dark and creepy labyrinths going hand by hand with a number of corresponding ambient soundtracks.
-- Game story tells about Coloropus and his adventures while struggling to save his girlfriend Pinky who got kidnapped by strange creature just after they met the first time.

Coloropus has recently won the "Future Hit" and "Most steady game" trophies at the Flash GAMM Game Contest (, which was held in Kiev, Ukraine, in December 2011.

Game trailer:

There is a free demo version of the game available here:

There is also the browser-based online demo version here:


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     (60mb )

Posted by nivram 31st March, 2012

Your link has 0kb

Posted by Hagar 31st March, 2012

@ Marv and Eugene, modified the size of the download to suit.

Out of interest what was this game made with?

Posted by Bricnic 1st April, 2012

The activation code isn't working for me:

"Specified activation key is not found or expired."
Posted by columbo borgi :C 3rd April, 2012

i can download neither

is there any demo of this game?
Posted by Hagar 3rd April, 2012

EDIT: There is a demo for users to play.
Comment edited by ..::hagar::.. on 4/3/2012
Posted by Eugene Wolfson 3rd April, 2012

There is a free demo version of the game available here:

There is also the browser-based online demo version here:




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