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Raccoon Romp
Author: RockyRaccoon Submitted: 6th July, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 27

A Cute Little Concept Game I made where a Raccoon Must Jump on Trash Cans to turn them all one color while avoiding garbage.

Can only be played on , due to using the Newgrounds version of TGF2.



Arrow Keys: Move

Turn all the trash cans green to progress. Avoid thrown garbage.

Check out and help me make none-Newgrounds-grounded versions of games!

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Posted by s-m-r 12th July, 2012

Just threw you a bone on IndieGoGo.

Here's a little feedback for your game.
- Allow the player to hold down the movement key and keep moving, instead of requiring them to continue to tap it.
- Add in a shadow so the perspective doesn't distort the true position of the trash. There were some times when I was expecting to be clobbered, but I was missed, and other times when I thought that I'd avoid the trash but I was hit anyway.
- Background music helps a lot, even on menu screens. Your videos have background sound, why not your playable games?
- Think of some temporary powerups the player can earn, that can randomly appear somewhere on the board. This can break up the pattern that a player may be locked into using.
- And yeah, put in the cat.
- Your game reminds me of Q*Bert. I enjoyed it as a quick-play game to take a break from my work day. Nice job!
Posted by RockyRaccoon 12th July, 2012

Re: s-m-r, yeah, this was the first game I made that I bothered showing anyone. My other two after have music, etc.

This was originally made racing the MMF2 Dev demo. When I ported it to the Newgrounds TGF2, I had to redo all the graphics (TGF2 doesn't have Alpha Channel Transparency support I was sad to find out.), and didn't really get to adding anything more to it.

There is a few bugs, I'll fix em when I can get a 'real' copy of MMF2.

Also, I thank yo very much for the Contribution.





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