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Guilty Gear - Badguy's Adventure (Demo)
Author: Jerry Lim Submitted: 20th July, 2012 Favourites:2
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 81

Edited By Jerry Lim on 7/26/2012

A short action-RPG DEMO based on Guilty Gears characters. Please let me know what you think, so I can develop this game further and better

In this demo, you can:
- Fight enemies
- Fight boss
- Use experience gained to upgrade skills, health, etc
- Save your game!!!
- etc

All instruction (controls, etc) are in game, an real easy to understand

You woke up as Sol Badguy and kinda lost your memory. You ended up fighting zombies and... well, just play the game, OK?

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Posted by The Chris Street 20th July, 2012

Please give more of a description, at least two paragraphs, before we accept.
Posted by Jerry Lim 21st July, 2012

Posted by s-m-r 23rd July, 2012

Ah, I don't want to create a 4shared account. Is there anywhere else you can upload the file so I can check it out?
Posted by Jerry Lim 24th July, 2012

OK, I added another link in the description... If you know better file sharing site, please let me know

And feedback about the game would be appreciated. If people interested, I will develop the game further
Posted by s-m-r 24th July, 2012

Thanks for accommodating us with another download link! I'll have a go at it and definitely post some feedback. Your game looks fun...!
Posted by s-m-r 25th July, 2012

Things are looking pretty good for a beta. You have attack/action screens, dialogue, a training/shop area...Pretty much all standard stuff that would be considered essential.

I also like the fact that each of the screens is consistent; you have a visible action area at the center, with character stats at the top and instructions at the bottom. It's a solid layout that will prevent confusion.

I'm not sure what kind of progress you've made since you've released this demo, but here are some suggestions:

- make the jump a useful addition. Add in platforms or other obstacles; enemy attacks that course along the ground the player must jump to avoid; bonus damage or XP for landing a jumping attack; etc.
- when the character is hit and invincible, there's no animation (they're frozen in the "hurt" animation frame). Change this so the player knows that they can still move while being injured.
- for demo/testing purposes, you may want to lower the price of different training pickups so the testers can practice with them and/or make sure they work. Maybe you can add in an "attack dummy" figure in the Training Room area so that the player can use these attacks there instead of having to build an additional level for it.
- Of course, more varieties of enemies would be excellent. But that will come in time, I'm sure.

That should be enough for a start. Again, this looks pretty good so far. Keep at it and let us know your progress.
Posted by Jerry Lim 28th July, 2012

Thanks for the input man

Unfortunately, I didn't have much free time lately. So, I haven't make any progress on this game. But I will comeback to it, hopefully soon

Meanwhile, you can try my other game:

It's quite addictive. But it's still a demo too ^^'
Posted by Jono Ryan 29th July, 2012
Rated :

Holy cow! All of your game is excellent!
But this demo is definitely too short. I hunger for more, please release soon





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