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Funtition entry: Varanes (v 1.3)
Author: Petric Submitted: 6th August, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 58

Edited By Petric on 3/16/2013

16 of March: Updated to 1.3

Updated to 1.2 (last version before the Funtition -deadline)

-> Edited the graphics a bit!

Edited By Petric on 8/7/2012

Erm, I found bug. Fixed in 1.11.

Edited By Petric on 8/7/2012

Update: Now it's the version 1.1!


The story is, that the yellow guy has not paid his TV -license, and he have to go test laboratory to pay it.

Jumping over the boxes with only four directions and collecting white rings you will pay it.

This is like a puzzle!

Download is from Finland's server (from my homesite),
hopefully the download speed aren't slow.


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Posted by Hagar 6th August, 2012

Nice one, 3rd entry to date
Comment edited by ..::hagar::.. on 8/6/2012
Posted by Petric 6th August, 2012

Posted by One Man Army Games 7th August, 2012
Rated :

This was actually really fun, great job!
Posted by Petric 7th August, 2012

Thank you, I just updated this game from version 1.0 to 1.1!
Posted by s-m-r 8th August, 2012

Very nice...Lots of good logic puzzles in this.
Posted by Fish20 9th August, 2012
Rated :

Good job on this, the game is pretty fun. I like that you decided to animate your cut-scenes instead of just having stills. You put some nice tunes in this game. Even though I recognize a few of them, at least you put good ones. The biggest downfall of this game is obviously the graphics. The grey and white platform things are just 32x32 active objects filled with the bucket tool. But game play over graphics, this game is fun!
Posted by Petric 10th August, 2012

S-m-r and Fish20:

Thanks of playing & commenting
Posted by s-m-r 13th August, 2012

I'll be sure to grab the most recent version to judge for the Funtition. Thanks for the heads-up, Petric.
Posted by Petric 13th August, 2012

Thanks a lot !
Posted by The Chris Street 29th August, 2012

Hah, I've been working on a very similar game on and off, over the past month or so
Posted by Petric 1st September, 2012

OH NO! But yeah, that's okay, no problem





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