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Author: Eduardin Submitted: 9th August, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 40

Edited By Eduardin on 8/12/2012

It is a arkanoid style game, bouncing the ball on the blades will you lead with your mouse, you have to destroy all the balls to the next level, you can direct the rebound
of the ball by holding the left mouse button, the blades remain solid, and you can direct where it is going to rebound, when you release the mouse button the blades will go towards the position of focus.
Depends on the color of the ball the ball will have a behavior or another, the normal red, green and blue randomly bounces increase the speed of the ball.

In the game are more detailed instructions, I hope you like it.

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Posted by The Chris Street 9th August, 2012

A much better description is required before we can accept this download.
Posted by Hagar 10th August, 2012

Agreed with Circy - please also add a funtition tag in the download name too.
Posted by Eduardin 12th August, 2012

So better? My level of English is not very good, if I need anything else please
let me know, to try to express it better.

A greeting and thanks.




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