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Funtition Entry: Burning Suns
Author: SolarB Submitted: 12th August, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 131

The year is 2373 - After building a massive space facility to harness the power of the sun humanity is faced with a burning threat... an alien civilization that wants to keep its monopoly on the galaxy's energy resources has made contact and wants to prevent Earth in succeeding in its endeavor!

A massive energy beam is under construction to get rid of the hostiles once and for all but we still need more of the sun's power. We must fight to keep the aliens from destroying our facility and superweapon while learning as much as we can about their technology. Every bit of information means a quicker death to the enemy!

Your mission:

Defend our planet from the attacking horde of Sunriders until the construction is complete!


- Fight and defend in 3D Space!
- 4 layers of Z movement!
- Mindbending 3D-like oldschool graphics!
- Glorious 8-bit VGA, 256 Colors!
- Insane weapons, powerups and waves of enemies!
- Arcade action!

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Posted by Jenswa 18th August, 2012

Looks nice.
Posted by SolarB 20th August, 2012






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