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It's is very simple, abstract arcade game. Youíre moving the blue ball, which has to move upwards as high as possible and collect stars.

Star colors (types) are very important. Thoose you collect soonest gives the less points, while those which you have to collect the most, give the most points. But be aware that picking up one type of stars takes away two other types, so you have to have a plan.

You canít hit the red enemies called BADís Ė once hit youíll lose.

From time to time you encounter bonuses that can be collected in order to:
- be able to shoot,
- have a red shield (for couple of seconds)
- activate the button to destroy all the enemies (at the top, next to Pause)

With the passing checkpoints youíll get 50 points, but the game speed increases.

Drag - grab a field under the ball and move your finger across the screen.
An additional option is the inclusion of day mode (background - light) - the background then the game turns on the light to be able to play it on a sunny day.

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 9th April, 2013

Pictures don't seem to be working, please fix those and we'll get the game added to the site!




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