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Tommy's Adventure - Cleaned Up version
Author: AftPeakTank Submitted: 29th June, 2013 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 141

Edited By AftPeakTank on 6/29/2013

This is a simple Adventure game made once with TGF.

It is a very small game and in fact it was made to demonstrate the Zero Adventure engine.

You can download the MFA to take a look in the engine and use it if you want


Some info:

You just wake up in a place and you don't remember anything.
What happened? Where are you and what else you will discover?

Note: This is a little cleaned up version of an old project i once posted here. I corrected a lot of spelling mistakes but i am sure there are a lot left. I am sorry for this.

Hope you will have some fun...

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Posted by AftPeakTank 5th July, 2013

No reviews these days or noone is playing adventures anymore?
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th July, 2013

Perhaps a little of both.
Not many new users come here since it isn't advertised as much on the Clickteam website. That's how I found this place. The older members are busy these days too.

Nice engine! I think the pathfinding could use a little work. It looks like you used the bouncy ball engine for the movement. That could work, but it isn't very tight and sometimes the player doesn't stop at the cursor right away. Perhaps that's what you intended though.

I think the text should have something behind it, or maybe a black outline to make it easier to read. Make it appear over the character who is talking or make a text box at the bottom for consistency.

I like it overall! The graphics are charming in that amateur way!

Do you plan on making a full game out of it?
Posted by AftPeakTank 13th July, 2013

Ah, thank you so much for your comments! The pathfinding is tricky and i didn't know any other way of doing it at the moment. Not even now!
You are right about the text also. I don't think i will ever continue this... I am happy you liked it





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