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Plisken ( named after Snake Plissken from John Carpenters "Escape from NY/LA" ) is a disturbingly simple piece of coding which basically splices youtube videos into separate samples.
I am unsure whether its appeal will be limited to musicians who have worked with sample pads and MPC's, but hope others will find some use for it (even just YouPoops).

Simply paste a youtube video ID in the box and it will be split into 26 seperate parts, each attached to a sequential letter in the QWERTY order (eg. Q=1 M=26). Allow some time for buffering and keep in mind some genres work better than others. I would recommend steering clear of high BPM genres and playing with classical/chill/hiphop music videos. There's usually only afew samples on the beat in any percussive track so play around and find the good ones, then get creative! ...and enjoy!

These are the best I've found in my limited exploration.
lAwYodrBr2Q - M83
S6yuR8efotI - Bach
8h4YFn7Jejs - Desmond Cheese

Note: If you're having trouble finding the Youtube video ID just look in the URL for the 11 digits following "watch?v=".

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