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Into the Underdusk
Author: Joshua Koester Submitted: 27th December, 2013 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 131

Edited By Joshua Koester on 1/23/2014

I live alone in a world that has ended. Nothing is born here, neither does anything die..."

Welcome to the Underdusk - a world where life and light are fading away into the dark night, though it was not always this way. Something happened, and the Dark consumed the world. And now, even your memories are beginning to fade. Can you find your lost locket, and fulfill one last wish, or will you go quietly into that dark night?


Grab powerups. Explore. Uncover secrets. Jump, dodge, and outmaneuver your enemies. Find the Collect all the mysterious orbs and achieve your victory.

Controls - Arrows move. X or Up arrow to jump. Down Arrow to enter doors. Esc - menu. Tab - show collected orbs. P - pause.

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Posted by danjo 1st January, 2014

this crashes for me soon as the intro finishes
Posted by Perfeks 1st January, 2014
Rated :

very good and challenging! I love old school graphics! I somehow expected a better ending though^^ And what's the "pathfinding" thing for? It seems I didn't use it or see any effect from it.
Posted by Joshua Koester 1st January, 2014

Thanks for playing. Pathfinding shows you the way through the tower of doors. Without it you will probably wander around aimlessly for quite a while.
Posted by Perfeks 1st January, 2014
Rated :

Oh well, I did the whole door thing without it. FML
Posted by nim 7th January, 2014
Rated :

Really enjoyed it! Great atmosphere and difficulty. I hope you make more games in the future!
Posted by UrbanMonk 14th January, 2014
Rated :

The graphics reminded me of Jill of the Jungle, but it has been a few years since I've play that so I might be misremembering it.

Cool game!
Posted by Knockturnal 14th February, 2014
Rated :

That goddamn flying mask ate me more times than I died the entire rest of the game. Not bad though, I enjoyed it until I ragequitted on the 4th chase screen.
Posted by The MPP 18th January, 2018
Rated :

Absolutely amazing! The graphics are great and the story takes such a big twist in the end! Definitely a unique game.





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