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Blood Bounty Throwdown
Author: One Man Army Games Submitted: 1st May, 2014 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 127

When an evil rises from the past to take the lives of hundreds only the most daring will try to put an end to him. Play as 7 different fighters with a bonus unlockable fighter. Chocolate Man, a once proud samurai who passed his soul into a sabotaged statue finds himself fit to travel the world as a vengeful bounty hunter. Rivals from across the globe are competing to take the bounty for themselves. Are you down for the hunt?

Put your skills to the test when you play Blood Bounty Throwdown!

NOTE: This game has an online mode but it is not hosted by a specific server. If you would like to set up personal matches with friends feel free to use a server of your own.

The download contains the game soundtrack and two additional promo photos.

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Posted by abdallah 3rd May, 2014
Rated :

awesome game i beat the arcade mode i wish it was more popular so i could play online
Posted by s-m-r 3rd May, 2014

Whew. I suck at these kinds of basic strategies barely earned me a spot in the Easy difficulty level. But I really like the effects and different attacks for each of the characters.

How did you end up with a character named Chocolate Man?!?!

Well done, OMAG.
Posted by Yai7 7th May, 2014
Rated :

Fakeness, Looks disgusting to begin with. Do it with your heart.





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