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the Matrix of Time
Author: Indigo Steel Shield Submitted: 13th May, 2014 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 55

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It is the year 2020, time travel has not yet been invented, but it will be in the year 2100.

Sadly, people from the future have traveled into the past and their travels has made history a LOT worse.

More wars, more grief, and injustice throughout the ages as they screw up the past.

The good news and that the Matrix of Time is what makes time travel possible,at all, and you have it! If you can destroy this thing, all time traveling that has EVER happened will be erased. Then, the damage done to history will be repaired.

Your mind must enter this thing. Use the mouse to move the flashing point. Your ball will follow this flashing point everywhere. But your ball must never touch this point. Guide the ball into the vortex that leads to each new level.

This game has over 20 levels, beat them all to destroy the Matrix and repair history.

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Posted by s-m-r 14th May, 2014

Working on beating this one...Made it to one of the levels with bullets and monsters. I'll see if I can write up a review for you, Indago.
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 14th May, 2014

Thank you! Just keep trying and have fun! This game can be tricky.





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