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Captain Sugar & the Tea Caddies of Justice
Author: Rich Datson Submitted: 9th June, 2014 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 64


You are Captain Sugar and your friends have been kidnapped by an evil dentist hell bent on ridding the world of candy. Your mission is to rescue by conquering the strange worlds and the evil minions the occupy them.

***This is a few level off complete***


Arrow Keys - Move

Shift - Jump

CTRL - Shoot

Space - Fire Weapon

Z/X - Select Weapon

Delete - Suicide Button


There are still many bugs to fix before this is officially released

* Level Talley does not work

* You can sometimes can't duck

* Sometimes you can swim when you not under water

(Feel free to list further bugs in the comment section)

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Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 14th June, 2014

I tried to download your game, but Media Fire gave me a message that your file went against their terms of service. What should I do?
Posted by abdallah 14th June, 2014
Rated :

its blocked
Posted by s-m-r 14th June, 2014

I think the "swim when you're not underwater" is linked to dying while trying to swim, or perhaps jumping out of the water and then dying. I experienced some difficulties after being killed by the fast-moving fish in the first major swimming level.

If I can pinpoint this issue for you more, I will definitely leave you some more notes.





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