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Sprites INC Podcast Player
Author: ACE_Spark Submitted: 17th August, 2014 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 50

Anyone else listen to Podcasts? Are you like me, also sick of losing your places thanks to playing the files via WinAMP or somesuch?
And are you sick of dedicated programs to listening to Podcasts coming bundled with all that ad-ware crap most free-ware stuff likes to bundle itself with now-a-days?

Well, here is a simple solution to that problem:

This program does exactly one thing and one thing only: It loads Mp3s (or OGGs, or what-ever) - and keeps track of the position of that file when closed down. Reload the Mp3 later and pick up your podcast where you left off!
That is it, and that is all the program does. It's all it needs to do.

I was pretty amazed by the sheer lack of the existence of such a program (or at least one that wasn't bundled with crap up the wazoo), so here, have one on me.

Happy listening!

Current release supports .mp3s, .ogg and .aif file-types.

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