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Author: Tadeon Submitted: 15th January, 2015 Favourites:0
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You are returning home from a routine mission when your ship's radar picks up a strange signal. The Signal is coming from an alien space station. Who could have built it in the middle of nowhere?

MonoDi is a platformer which includes some puzzle and story elements. The game contains three sections which each have unique weapon to play with. You can change the shooting direction of your weapon only by using the solar wind streams which can be found in almost every level.

MonoDi Gifs:
Sector 2:
Solar wind stream:
Cube Gun:

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Posted by nim 8th March, 2015
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Posted by Zuurix 29th March, 2015
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Not bad.
But it's too easy to die. I didn't managed to beat second level because I got too bored of doing level again and again.

Story doesn't feel realistic. I mean, you return from mission and hey, this is alien weapon base, let's clear it? Hmmm...





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