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Author: TJ Townsend Submitted: 20th March, 2015 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 119

Pythetron is a new evolution in the old school 2d shoot'em up (or shmup) genre built on a modern game engine utilizing advanced physics and 3d environments, with detailed models, animation, and sound. Pythetron takes a new direction in gameplay by allowing the game's pacing to be controlled by the player and allowing the player to explore the galaxy in a non-linear manner by earning stars and unlocking new worlds.

During your journey across the galaxy you will earn coins to upgrade your ship's defense, speed, and offense, including many different projectile upgrade paths. You can progress through the game by perfecting speed strategies that earn multiple stars per run, or by exploring every corner of the galaxy in search of stars one at a time.

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Posted by UrbanMonk 7th May, 2015

Wow this is really neat. Best shmup I've seen in a long time.
Why haven't I seen this before? Seems like it should be on steam?




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