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Sector Six 0.1.5
Author: Zuurix Submitted: 27th March, 2015 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 270

Edited By Zuurix on 28/06/2015

Sector Six is elegant and innovative shooter/RPG hybrid. Build your own spaceship from procedurally generated parts and battle machines to save your universe from destruction! Under development.

Game is fully playable, but many features are still not implemented/balanced. If you have any issues with the game, please tell me, so I could fix it!

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Posted by Zuurix 6th June, 2015

New way to heal, story missions, new interfaces, abilities, enemies, changes to game engine, graphic improvements, change log is massive!

Bosses now have more interesting attacks and slightly less armour.
Introduction has been updated.
Game is now side-scrolling!
Enemies no longer are level locked, you can now fight any type at any level.
Enemies now drop part safes, that give you parts and alloy containers.
Secure regions now can get occupied again!
Survival missions removed.
You can now hold R to seek targeted enemy.
Parts can now reduce taken damage and reflect enemy attacks!
Interfaces updated!
Now when laser hits enemy, particles are displayed.
New objective end animation.
Added backgrounds for Blighted remains, Colowis, Azarl, Labyrinth and Damned mist.
Laser light etalon firing graphic updated.
Now you can see ship effects.
Some weapons now have minor shooting animations.
Damage frame updated.
Projectile sprites updated.
Now here are star clouds in background.
New etalons has been added.
New abilities.
Matter burn.
Thermal wave.
Apocalypse reaction.
Augment armour.
Heat siphon.
Ethereal burst.
You can now equip alloy containers and consume alloy to repair elder armour in battle.
You can get them from part safes and mission rewards.
Abilities re-balanced, now they are more useful.
Trigger explosions ability updated.
Veteran sniper fixed.
Better ship parts are less rare now.
Now you can dismantle ship parts to earn iron, which is used to refill alloy containers.
Inventory increased by 8 slots.
Building field was slightly increased.
You can now hold E to close dialogues faster.
Nomad class unlocked, new weapon and abilities.
Part tooltips now appear after short delay.
Now you get 25 maximum elder armour boost when you level up.
Plasma waves now move just a little faster than player ship.
Repairing enemies now only repairs your targets.
New information files.
New part designs are now unlocked on lower levels.
New enemy.
New sound effects.
New tutorial!

I'm sure I missed something, have fun exploring new version!
Don't forget to tell me if you dislike something/see something broken, I will do everything I can to fix it.
Next update is probably full screen mode for most, if not all resolutions and maybe some new content, like new enemy!
Posted by siven 24th June, 2015
Rated :

how do you open your inventory? liked this game a lot though! good graphics and music, really like the black silhouette thing.
Posted by Zuurix 26th June, 2015

I'm glad you like my game!

You can access inventory/abilities/etc between missions, by clicking 'ship' button, that is in map.

To make it more clear:

I should do something about that small button. It's too easy to miss!

Posted by Dr James 2 2nd July, 2015

Having no quick way to exit the game is not good. Alt+F4 doesn't work, my next instinct was to hit esc but that didn't work either.

The art and style is good! I like the colours and enemy designs. The music really suits it too.

The gameplay is a bit confusing. It uses the mouse buttons to fire but you only fire forward. Is there a way to simplify controls down to just use a keyboard or a controller?

I also got messed up on the tutorial so I had to restart the game. It told me to upgrade a weapon but I didn't have enough points to do so (I needed 10, I had 8 ).

Will there be a mini map in the final game showing where the enemies are? You can get pretty lost. On level 1 I just flew right expecting enemies to spawn, but I had to run through that dialogue first. When I ran through the dialogue all the enemies just appeared.

Get some friends over, sit them down and watch them play. I think it needs some more user testing to really nail this design down.
Comment edited by Dr James 2 on 02/07/2015
Posted by Zuurix 2nd July, 2015

This is just alpha, all the dumb things in game will be fixed over time.

To exit, press ESC, then enter to confirm that you want to leave.

Combat is soon going to change completely. It will be controlled entirely with keyboard and later I will try to make game support controllers.

Tutorial told you to upgrade unleash weapons ability to level 2. That's 2 points!

Minimap? Probably not, because I don't feel like it's needed. And I have already locked ship during dialogue in new version, so you can't go where you aren't supposed to go.

I suggest you to try again, but this time read text more carefully and you will get into later levels, where real fun begins!

Comment edited by Zuurix on 02/07/2015
Posted by Dr James 2 6th July, 2015

I did read it. I clicked all the icons on display, I tried upgrading using the method explained but it was locked. All I could do was drag the gun item to the other weapon slots.

It's a personal choice but I think all games need a "quick escape" button. Not so much a "boss key", but if something urgent happens you don't want to be fiddling around trying to shut a game down. All my games shut down if you hold escape for 2 seconds IIRC. And never ever disable alt and F4 from closing a game.

If there is to be no minimap at least put some kind of indicator that there are enemies ahead or behind the player. As a Defender-clone you really need to know where enemies are if you need to clear out the level to progress.

Is there a newer version out now, where can I get it from?
Posted by Zuurix 7th July, 2015

Damn, it must be that sneaky broken tutorial glitch!

I couldn't reproduce it, but I changed some of code in the new version and I hope it won't happen again. For now you can either skip the tutorial or just try doing tutorial again.

I agree that games need quick escape. I will consider changing current escape method.

I didn't disabled Alt + F4 from closing the game, it just doesn't work for some reason. I guess I'll have to implement Alt + F4 for it to work.

Hmm... You aren't supposed to leave enemies behind! What do you mean, defender-clone?

New version is not uploaded yet. I still have a lot planned for it.

Comment edited by Zuurix on 07/07/2015




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