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Author: vinicio Submitted: 7th May, 2015 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 152

Edited By Rikus on 29/07/2015

You control Shawn and during a day like any other you awake by what appears to be a cannon shot, knowing that something is wrong you decide to step out of your house noticing that your brother is missing.

Featuring in this demo is a full level of plataforming action where your 2 attacks will only affect certain enemies or will be used to defeat them in a certain manner

Note: The file size of the aplicattion is near 3 MB, sorry if it takes up to 72 MB because of the song files. if you have some opinions or feedback about the game feel free to write something.

Graphics, Animation, Music and Programming all made by me.
-Vinicio G.

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!zN4SVSxI!aijA9pKxkKAeiTm8pC6J2yKe0nkGabF2GfCT20IBjj8 (72 mkb )

Posted by s-m-r 1st June, 2015

I love the art style and how it ties in with the two-different-punch mechanics. The atmosphere is moody and unique. And I wonder what the top hat does...

I think it's devastating to be defeated and the player is required to start all the way back at the beginning...! But that's just me whinging about it.

Best of success on finishing this game, vinicio! It's looking good so far.
Posted by vinicio 10th June, 2015

wow i didnt think someone would answer since it seemed that nobody came here anymore.
i was also wondering if could ever get help from here since i have runned into some bugs.
Posted by s-m-r 19th June, 2015

I've been known to crawl out from under a rock from time to time.

Regarding bugs & other issues: it certainly wouldn't hurt to post your problems on the forums. Those still seem to be kinda active.
Posted by siven 24th June, 2015
Rated :

This is pretty neat i think, lots of room for improvements. im with smr on the starting over thing...
Posted by Rikus 29th July, 2015
Rated :

Please keep us updated on the game, it is great, so much potential! I just gave it a spot on the front page and on our twitter!
Posted by vinicio 30th July, 2015

amazing this little demo just got front paged, glad to see some people liked it, im still working on it, fixing some bugs and updating things, i havent visited the site for a while so this cauthg me by surprise.




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