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Sentry Solitude
Author: AmyS3 Submitted: 6th December, 2015 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 86

Edited By AmyS3 on 09/12/2015

You are a lonely sentry turret and the last defense left against the zombie apocalypse.
Your aim is to kill all the zombies... If you can...

This is a pretty simple top-down shooter but it can get very hard very quick.
Just aim at the zombies with the mouse(crosshair) and click the left mouse button to shoot. Simples.
The levels are time based(90 seconds) and gets progressively harder each level.
If you survive a level you have the option to buy upgrades with the coins
that the zombies sometimes drop when you kill them.

This is one of my private fav's and I spend s*#tloads of time playing it.

Tip: After each level you should buy "reload speed".
There is also a cheat mode with "autofire".
Just have a close look at the executable to find out how

Alternate downloadlink:

All graphic/sound/music resources used to make this game are either made by myself or are free to use for non-commercial projects.

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Posted by AmyS3 8th December, 2015

yes i know the file size is rather large but most of it is for the sound/music..

i started making the game while i had only a trackball mouse and i just could not get past level 5...
now with a regular mouse i managed to get to level 11.

but damn its getting quite hard pretty fast.

just make sure you buy the reload speed upgrade after every level.
Comment edited by AmyS3 on 08/12/2015
Posted by stenli 1st January, 2016
Rated :

The game is fun. I like the difficulty of the levels as you progress. BUT if you do your bullet speed and reload speed over 20 you one hit the zombies. Maybe in higher levels you can up the health of the zombies. Otherwise the game is good. Image
Comment edited by stenli on 01/01/2016





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