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Captain Glory: Tropical Invasion
Author: Josias Menzel Submitted: 10th January, 2016 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 68

Edited By Josias Menzel on 10/01/2016

Edited By Josias Menzel on 10/01/2016

This is my very first game.

As a programmer, I had attempted many different games which were far too ambitious or out of scope.

I decided to ditch the fancy art, getting hung up on long hauls of forum troubleshooting and just make a damn game.

The product of this is the first project I have ever completed.

Captain Glory: Tropical Invasion is about a fleet squad commander that has his mothership about to be overrun by his arch nemesis; the evil pineberries. These fruity delinquents are out to infect the base with a deadly virus they carry in their nectar.

In a desperate attempt to wipe out the oncoming fleet, Captain Glory boards his ship in a terrifying mission to destroy the invaders.

How long can you last against these deadly foes?

The objective is simple. Last as long as you can against a horde of evil fruit and get your highest score.

Spacebar - Shoot laser
Arrow Keys - Navigate

Power Ups:
Fusion Vial - Restores 10 HP
Fusion Crystal - Recharges your beam cannon

You will have to be very careful how you maneuver. If one enemy gets through, the base is infected!

Keep an eye on your charge beam, and aim accurately. Too many fires in succession will overheat your system and leave you temporarily vulnerable.

If your cannon is close to overheating, don't be afraid to squash the enemies with your ship. It will lower your health but can be the difference between life and death.

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Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 14th January, 2016

Not bad, are there other kinds of enemies? Can you win? Thanks.
Posted by Ethan Midbrod 10th April, 2016
Rated :

Great game. The graphics and music made me feel good inside! Perhaps add some sort of high score system to add some competition.





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