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* Cursor-based aim and WASD movement rewards skillful play.
* Battle in exciting team versus team combat against players around the world.
* Full controller support, including local play with up to four players.
* Choose from many different classes, each with their own unique playstyle.
* A number of upcoming classes and arenas to be added to the game at no cost.
* Classes are easy to pick up and play, but take time to master.
* Dedicated servers to ensure good connectivity between all players.
* Netcode optimized for low ping and instant response to player actions.
* Compete in the seasonal rankings or play just for fun.
* Fair matchmaking that pits you against players of your own skill level.
* Earn unique titles, avatars and in-game cosmetics.


In MIGHT two teams are pitted against each other in fair and fast-paced arena combat. No parts of the game are locked away behind a tiresome grind. Once you start playing MIGHT you have access to all classes, from the in-your-face Ravager to the strategic Hunter that rather picks off his enemies from a distance. Whether you just want to have some fun with a couple of friends or try to fight your way to the top of the leaderboards, MIGHT will have something for you. With in-game cosmetic rewards, titles and player portraits you will be able to show off your achievements to both friends and enemies.

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