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The Legendary Captain - Indev 0.3
Author: Riffo Submitted: 17th May, 2018 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 38

Edited By Riffo on 13/06/2018

Edited By Riffo on 20/05/2018

The Legendary Captain is a game adventure where you have to upgrade your ship and crew and make it the best you can !

Defeat other ships and get all the goods / cargo
and you can sell them to make gold!

This game is in INDEV - Indevelopment so if you except and bug
tell me i'm going to update it if you want tell me in the comments!

Indev 0.2 Changelog

Added a sale system for rum and clothes
Changed the texture for rum and clothes
Added chests spawning on the little map to get money

Indev 0.3 Changelog

Added a fight system with ships - Just click on white icon
Added Ship Image!

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Posted by Riffo 17th May, 2018

This is just a prototype
Posted by The MPP 17th May, 2018

Did you make this with Clickteam...?
Posted by Riffo 17th May, 2018

No i made it with gamemaker it tells on the credit
By the way thanks for asking

Also i want to know do you want me to update this game
Posted by Riffo 20th May, 2018

Indev 0.2 is out some things added make sure to check it out!
Posted by Riffo 24th May, 2018

An update is going to be uploaded tonight! Epic things
Posted by Riffo 13th June, 2018

New version releasing now
Posted by Marek hays 4th January, 2019
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its more of an idle game





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