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Agent Delta 2
Author: Kane_Harrington Submitted: 15th January, 2020 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 47

Edited By Kane_Harrington on 15/01/2020

Hey guys I have been working on this for quite some time and I am pretty hyped to finally release it. The original was pretty bad, so I have made sure playtest this game to death to make sure there little bugs as possible.

Agent Delta 2 is an exciting game where you shoot enemies and figure out who the mysterious Baron Von Helmstein is as he attempts to destroy the world.

wasd to move
mouse to shoot
1 2 3 to change weapons

Please download this game as I put a lot of effort into it and dont want to leave you guys with the failure that was Agent Delta. If you could rate this game it would be much appreciated.

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 (6.86 mkb )

Posted by ComradKali 2nd February, 2020

There is a bug where if you die, when you restart your ammo count stays the same as before. So I die and when I restart I have no ammo left sometimes, making a little hard to complete
Posted by Billybobjoe198 21st February, 2020
Rated :

99 is the max handgun ammo, but the shotgun and sniper can go over and just overflows the counter.
I found this out because to beat level 3 I had to keep loading level 2 to collect enough ammo.
I feel like the shot cool down is too long on the sniper, making it almost useless. And the shotguns is a little long as well considering you need to get 2 shots off to kill an enemy.
You can only shoot in 32 direction, this tended to be a problem when trying to peak shoot enemies.
If you kill one while they're pushing against the wall their dying animation never ends, so they spin around like a helecopter rotor.
Level 3 was pretty difficult but doable. The boss fight could use a little bit of polishing(hit indication of some sort, maybe a heath bar so you know you're progressing, also something visible blocking off the note. And a separate piece of music that loops endlessly, my fight took so long the entire stage's music looped). I liked the different boss attack stages in it.
I could only get to level 4. That driving scene is just too hard to dodge for 50 seconds straight. I'm not sure if there's some sort of pattern you can exploit that you know of as the game dev, but the best strat I found was to hug the right wall pretty low and just dodge purple cars as they come too close while praying no red cars come. I could get through nearly 30 seconds of it that way, otherwise I was dying every 5-10 seconds.

I can tell a lot of work went into this game. The art is neat, the music is good, the mechanics are solid. With a little bit more polish ,testing, and balancing I'd give it a 5. As it stands I think it's a solid 4.





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