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Author: supastupid Submitted: 22nd April, 2020 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 79

Edited By Joshtek on 25/04/2020

My first upload. A two-player game where two spaceships shoot eachother. Here are the controls:

Left Player
W - Move Up
S - Move Down
Q - Stop
A - Shoot
Right Player
Up Arrow - Move Up
Down Arrow - Move Down
Numpad 0 - Stop
Numpad 1 - Shoot

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Posted by Joshtek 25th April, 2020

Thanks for sharing your first game. I've added a screenshot for you, but for future games you can use services such as Imgur.

Mostly the game works fine and it's a fun little game, but a few things I noticed for any future version:
(1) When I move the spaceship to the bottom I could not move up again.
(2) Profile button does not seem to do anything.
(3) It might be better to say Left/Right player wins as I would assume the one on the left is Player 1 not Player 2.
(4) Would be nice to have some feedback for a successful hit, e.g. sound and explosion graphic.
(5) Holding left/right moves both players left/right.
(6) It would be helpful to include instructions on movement keys in the game itself.
(7) Game named Application1. Would be useful if it were called DualShot.
( Not clear how the game is supposed to reset. You can press F2 to go back to the main screen but this is not stated in controls.




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