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Author: nah Submitted: 30th January, 2021 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 25

A short demo to test my skills in clickteam. The collisions are a bit scuffed and overall it's very rough around the edges. Guidance and constructive criticism will be appreciated since I've only seriously been making games for around a year.
Also , I recommend turning your volume down before launching the game. I used VERY loud Half-Life 1 sounds for the game since I suck at sound design haha. Hope you enjoy! 😁

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Posted by The MPP 5th February, 2021

Are you inspired by 3kliksphilip bu any chance? This reminded me a lot of his older games, which isn't a bad thing! I think those games are great and it's always good to have people you look up to.
I don't really think I could call this game good honestly, but since it's just something to test out your skills I won't give it a rating. There also only seemed to be 2 enemies and you couldn't even really 'die' (or maybe I'm missing something). Bummer! I thought the mechanic of being able to drop your weapon was interesting and I'm wondering how that would work if you build upon the game more. I also noticed that your cursor goes underneath the player, which is a little bit reality breaking. Also when you move you don't look at your aim point like you would if you were standing still, and that one enemy fires CONSTANTLY! That can be pretty annoying, though I respect your effort since I think you were trying yo do some kind of sight-ai-thing. But don't be discouraged! Starting out making small games is great because you can LEARN and gain EXPERIENCE from them! So my advice; keep at it! And don't forget to have fun making your games, doing what YOU want to do should go above anything else. Best of luck with it!
Posted by nah 8th February, 2021

Thanks for the criticism! This was originally only made to test shadows , but I eventually tested the waters with A.I. and somehow completely glossed over the dying mechanic haha. Thanks for letting me know about the cursor and aim point problems btw , I hadn't noticed them when playtesting. Also yes , this is inspired by 3kliksphilip's old games since I really like the art style used in them lol.
Posted by Joshtek 20th February, 2021

Yup, can definitely see the 3kliksphilip style. If you haven't seen the videos about his game making journey then it's definitely worth a watch. It starts with:
Posted by 3kliksphilip 27th April, 2021

It means a lot to me that my games have inspired yours!

I've personally stopped using the top-down view because an isometric viewpoint combines the best of both worlds, giving a better 'view' of what's happening, while behaving identically to top-down games. The only problem is that it's more effort to draw for.

You might have discovered the problem with this sort of game- often what you're looking at is off the edge of the viewable area! I would recommend making the screen bigger, or everything smaller so that the edges of the room you're stood in is always visible. may have inspired me to make some more games




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