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Better Romeo
Author: Mustafa- Submitted: 13th September, 2021 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 276

Edited By Mustafa- on 22/09/2021

Edited By Joshtek on 15/09/2021

Romeo was one of the OG pre-bundled games with KnP, it was a simple platformer game which the main goal is to rescue Juliet (yeah it really is), while you at it there are some obstacles and whatnot

Though OG Romeo had some really bad bugs, you can even say it is unplayable!

That's why I decided to "Remake" it from a blank MFA
Here are the newer version features:

- (Keyboard, Gamepad and touch) input support
- Redefined movements (and yeah Romeo should not get stuck ever again)
- Quality of life improvements (for example: the trail effect of the pie)
- Custom window border Note: only visible when you resize the window to a different ratio than 4:3
- DeltaTime supported (The game runs the same speed on any FPS value)
- Custom pausing / Resuming
- Custom level / cutscene loading

* The whole source project is provided (( containing the .EXE ofc ))
* Better Romeo, made in: Clickteam Fusion 2.5 || Original Romeo, made in : Klik & Play

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Posted by yma 15th September, 2021
Rated :

i got "missing data" screen after the intro
Comment edited by yma on 15/09/2021
Posted by Mustafa- 19th September, 2021

This only happens when the Levelvfiles can't be readen or the Level files aren't available in the same directory as the game located

Try downloading the whole game file instead of just the game executable alone, and make sure that the level files are available and in the same directory as the game located
Posted by yma 19th September, 2021
Rated :

thats boring so im gonna give this zero stars
Comment edited by yma on 19/09/2021
Posted by Mustafa- 19th September, 2021

Posted by yma 19th September, 2021
Rated :

your welcome
Posted by Tomssuli 21st September, 2021

Interested in this project but...

I can't download all the files at once because I don't have paid subscription to mediafire

...could you at least zip the folder? Or even better - upload it to google drive or dropbox so we wouldn't have to have to download ~20 files one at the time and then waste time organizing them again?
Posted by Mustafa- 22nd September, 2021

Hi, I actually uploaded the file on google drive too:

Edit: btw I also just updated the download link to google drive instead
Comment edited by Mustafa- on 22/09/2021




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