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Cube Menace
Author: heav Submitted: 1st January, 2022 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 53

Edited By Joshtek on 04/01/2022

The evil red cubes have taken over the world and you're the only survivor left.

Fight as long as you can because in the end, the evil red cubes will always be victorious

Cube Menace is an endless top-down shooter where you fight a never ending horde of evil red cubes in hopes of setting a new high score. The longer you fight the stronger you become, but so do the red cubes, be careful.


WASD - move





This is actually the first game I've ever made and also my first time releasing a game so if I mess up anything please let me now. I'd also really appreciate any sort of feedback regarding the game, especially if you find any bugs and also if there is anything I could have done better or what I could have changed so I could learn and improve.

I hope you enjoy the game and have as much fun playing it as I had making it!

Your anti-virus might flag this game as a virus, but it's actually just a false positive and you don't have to worry. Just whitelist the game and it should run just fine. Honestly I don't know why my game is being detected or how to fix it. If anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate it.

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 (7.63 mkb )

Posted by Joshtek 4th January, 2022

Thanks for sharing Cube Menace. It's a nifty simple but challenging and I like the retro feel. A small change which might make a big difference is to add something more fun happen for when you die, e.g. a short but colourful explosion.

When it comes to anti-virus false positives, the main thing you can do is report false positives to the anti-virus companies. This is boring and time consuming, but usually they fix it within a few day.
Posted by The MPP 11th February, 2022
Rated :

Just played for around 30 rounds, my high-score is 120. That was fun! Super impressive for your first game. I especially liked the graphics, it has a cool modern-arcade-ish feel. Nice use of the perspective object.
Because it's so simple, my only real critique is that the enemies should be a bit slower. I get that it's meant to be hard, but they killed me so fast that it took away from the fun actor.
But overall, really cool work! Keep it up!




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