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Made for The Daily Click's Halloween Boss Battle Game Jam.

This game does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to... behead yourself. In this bone-rattling adventure, you play as a headless skeleton, dubbed 'The Fleshless' by the nefarious vampire lord/terrible punster Dragh Kyllah.

Forever confined to his idle frames, Dragh Kyllah is envious of the Fleshless' ability to have different animations. You must combat the salty bloodsucker's countless minions, including zombies, bats, goblins, and ghosts, and eventually, the man himself. But you also come prepared, albeit against your will, as various objects are hexed to become your surrogate head/weapon:

- Skull: A versatile, medium-damage head that can be thrown in 8 directions.

- Pumpkin: A crowd control-oriented head that can keep enemies and projectiles at bay and also doubles as a trampoline for you.

- Headstone: A heavy-damage explosive treat to send your enemies to their graves.

- Bat: A pair of boomerangs that seem to have a mind of their own, tailor-made for clearing mob waves."

Every time you defeat Dragh Kyllah, he gets more and more powerful, until it culminates into a climactic showdown between a skeleton and a vampire with... skeletons in his closet.

Once you conquer the vampire lord's wrath, you get access to harder difficulties and unlock Boss Rush mode, where you can ignore all the fluff between the fights.

Are you ready to challenge Dragh Kyllah's jealousy-born tyranny?

[Arrow Keys] - Move/Aim
[Z] - Jump
[X] - Throw head
[SHIFT] or [C] - Cycle between heads
[A][S][D][F] or [1][2][3][4] - Choose corresponding heads

1.0.3 Changelog:
- New mechanic: Headshot. The Skull and the Bat can deal massive damage to Dragh Kyllah by hitting his head.
- The Bat can now be thrown diagonally by holding up/down while throwing.
- Added shake to the boss health bar.
- Tweaked the control hints.

1.0.2 Changelog:
- Added full compatibility for Xbox controllers.
- The headstone now drains your heart gauge upon use. You can still use it with an empty gauge, but you won't be able to heal up if you keep spamming it.
- To compensate for the headstone nerf, heart gauge gain from hitting enemy weaknesses is greatly increased, encouraging the use of other heads.
- Changed the "hop down platform" input from double tapping down to down + jump.
- Dragh Kyllah's eyes can now block the skull if their color isn't blue.
- While equipping the skull, the player can now look up and down.
- Added a vfx for projectiles blocked by the pumpkin.
- Dragh Kyllah's falling head now has better physics.
- Added the option to disable bloom in the menu.
- Added the option to disable rumble in the menu.
- The candles in the menu can now be dimmed.

1.0.1 Changelog:
- Added the option to disable music.
- Added a sound effect for whenever the pumpkin blocks a projectile.
- Added a subtle glow effect for the candles and the moon.
- Buffed the Purple Ghost phase of the boss (only in level 5).
- Rewrote the boss' final defeat dialogue to flow better.
- Fixed some OCD-inducing stuff.

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Posted by Robert123 30th October, 2023
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I like the gameplay, its well balanced, the steering is good, a lot of weapons and enemies. The graphics is pretty. The sound is good varies between stages. It also brings some emotion to the gameplay.






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