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Flan Atrapa Bolas
Author: LucchettiFan Submitted: 1st November, 2023 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 17

Edited By LucchettiFan on 23/11/2023

This is a fangeme of "The Legacy of Flan".
You have to grab flavor drops and a gun chase you and if it shoots you, you lose. You move with the arrows and jump with Z
This is my first game and I do this in one day with a youtube tutorial and with the free edition of clickteam, so don't hope much of this, but it doesn't will be my unique game. So i hope you enjoy it. If my english sounds weird, it's because i speak spanish.

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Posted by Ambrion 19th November, 2023
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Good first game. I suppose it's endless since:
1) there's no counter on how many flavor drops you grabbed
2) there's no indication on its closure, for example (this is my own idea) letting you know how much there is left by looking at the "NEXT:" counter. Let's say you have 20 flavor drops left; the more you grab them, the closer the counter reaches 0 and goes over to the next screen

The gun works like a magnet; it follows you wherever you go. Kind of like the Boos from Mario, except there's no turning your back to make it stop. It doesn't aim at Stan Flan (good job on making him look nice), moreso shoots where the sprite is so you have to avoid the gun sprite at all times.

Obviously this is your first game, like I just said, and it's fine that you made it simple. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, haha. Looking forward to seeing more of your games!
Posted by LucchettiFan 20th November, 2023

Thank you so much Image. I'm going to try to implement what you told me to my future games. But maybe now I'm trying to make a Digital Circus fangame, and I'm learning 3D modeling. So my new game will probably be in 3d. What I still don't know is how to animate the characters.
Comment edited by LucchettiFan on 20/11/2023
Posted by Ambrion 20th November, 2023
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Take your time, thereís plenty of time for everything. I didnít know you want to partake in 3D, that already sounds more exciting

Animating characters is not an easy task. Far from it. You have to concentrate on making the characters more lively if you wish for your game to end up this way. Not everybody can animate, but that doesnít mean nobody should at least try to play around with it
Posted by LucchettiFan 20th November, 2023

Yes, but at my school there are animation and 3D design courses. So I'll probably learn quickly





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