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Philipe (Phil-Con Games)

25th January, 2005 at 21:55:02 -

Its a cheap program my older brother got called 'Music Time'. You can drag and drop notes on a staff to create a Midi, but it was apparantly made for Windows 95 and is glitchy to the extent of making life difficult. Example: The end of each note is cut off by one fourth, and it sounds really weird if I let any notes play without another to cover up the gap. It was $20, but I'm pretty sure you could find something better for less without much trouble.

By the way, have you beaten Paper Mario?

Games currently in "the works":

My Fantasy (dieing dream)
Shadowed Sunset (this one will be cool)
Dragon Riders (Newer, better animated, cooler, and less gradient version!)
.................... baby!

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