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29th July, 2005 at 09:18:11 -

okay. im not a noob when it comes to MMF and Click, ive been using it since Kilk and Play basically. But i am a n00b at this Moo stuff. I cant seem to get it to work.
Jus so that im on the right lines... i want make a simple chat program using MooClick

Here's what i got so far.
Open MOS 2 in the background as a server. (i dont minimize it for pausing application reasons)

Start Of Frame - Set name to "Edittext$("name")"
Start Of Frame - Connect to Myself (IP address) via port 1203

User Clicks "Join" - Player Sign onto Channel "Chattest"

Now MOS 2 picks up my connection and the session which is created.
If i goto the MOS2 thing and click "Chat" and try talking.. i get the two errors when i click either "Send" or "Channel"...
"Bad player object" and "bad channel object"

Can someone help me with whats goin on here???
and what do i do from here???

Thanks alot in advance.. reli need help with this.

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29th July, 2005 at 12:38:19 -

no worries.
Ive finally done it.

For anyone with similar problems.. I thought I'd post where I went from previously.

1. Forget the MOS 2 Server.. its not required to host on yourself.
2. Start Of Frame - Host on 1203, NOW you can connect to yourself to make sure things work.
^^^^ this was quite the dumass mistake i relise
3. After joining a channel use the following events/conditions to send/recieve messages.

Right Click >> Player >> Channel >> Send (or Blast) Text
Right Click >> Player >> OnMessage


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