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30th October, 2006 at 18:01:15 -

Over the past month or so, i've been playing around with the Mode 7 extension in MMF, and i've been developing a mode 7 racing game similar to Super Mario Kart. The game uses a custom 360-degree racecar engine, but i've been running into problems with both the physics and the AI of the computer-controlled racers.

Specifically, I have the following problems I need to solve:

- Getting a CPU racer to rotate towards a location in 360 degree movements
- 360 degree collision detection (or basically anything that would stop the cars from passing through each other, without drastically reducing the car's speed)
- Determining the position of the player's kart in a race (1st, 2nd, etc)

I've been looking around for answers for several days, but with no luck... So, perhaps I could find somebody here who has experience with racing games in MMF. It would be really helpful if I could use a pre-made racing engine for the game... but in any case, I'll give credit where credit is due.

I will upload screenshots of the game as proof, if needed.


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