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18th February, 2008 at 04:05:37 -

Ok, since every time we do a "rate yourself" or "rate the person above/below" things, they seem to turn out well.

1) Rate yourself. Perosnality, ability, whatever, just included a few words about how you view yourself.

2) Rate the rating the person above you gave themselves. If someone awesome said "I suck at everything" I would put here "You're an asshole who underrates himself in order to hear compliments".

Ok go!

Hoping not to fulfill the example presented for #2, I guess I'd say I'm a little over-confident, slightly cynical on the outside, require a large amount of motivation to finish a game (it seems like My Distraction or The Forum Game 2 or Somegame are never going to be finished), and need to work on finishing stuff.





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18th February, 2008 at 05:18:25 -

"youre an asshole who underrates himself in order to hear compliments" jk. i think you expect too much of your games and may become a little dissapointed if they dont live up to them. which isnt a bad thing. just lower your standards, but work harder.

i am skilled at what i like/love to do but fall short when motivation runs out. i hardly ever release anything cause i feel it wont be well accepted. i know my shit most of the time but if i am wrong i'll be the first to admit it.


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18th February, 2008 at 06:33:06 -

I work extremely hard in every category I can, on any project. I just don't work well with other people at all.

I don't know much about you Cecil but you put yourself down and don't do that! Hmm? We alls learns from our first efforts.

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18th February, 2008 at 07:48:42 -

LETS SEE HERE. I CAN make decent games, but they only ever consist of one level as they prove to be too much work. Get borededed after a while. I just need to work on my motivation!

Sir James! I must rate his rating of himself as 5/5! As we all can tell from Tormishire, he really does work hard!


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Candy Cane
18th February, 2008 at 07:58:18 -

I can be bitchy, but Im not ashamed, bitching usually generates a lot of humour. Can be hard working, can be lazy, love making graphics, usually get on with the majority, I can usually see the good in people.

Slink's rating is also 5/5 and he's a great guy to know Everyone add him to MSN quick



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18th February, 2008 at 08:34:34 -

No patience for doing / learning pixel art.. though is pretty good at other graphics and webdesign is perfectly capable of making awesome games but is just TOO DAMN LAZY and gets bored very quickly Is never happy with his website designs so keeps redoing them, haha. Pretty good musician + composer (if I might say so myself). </me>

3/5.. he's nice when you get on with him, but if for some reason he decides not to like you anymore, he'll try and turn everyone else against you too.

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18th February, 2008 at 08:45:49 -

I'm pretty good at graphics and ideas for games, but my MMF coding especially isn't top-notch in most cases. I have a lot of ideas that never get put to a project and will most likely follow me to my grave. I like to start big giant projects, get about 50%+ with them and then quit on them (although that hasn't really happened in a lot of years). I used to be a profiencent VB6 coder but have now most likely lost my skills as I haven't done anything not MMF in years. I work on projects way too hard / much. Things I don't know how to do for a game I usually make my own work-arounds (even if they're too complex or messy). I'm starting to get the "over the hill" feeling in life in general and it's spilling over into game making nowadays. I don't work well with others.

I talk too much!

I don't know too much about Tim, but I'd say he's one of 3 or 4 people who post on TDC a lot. He probably has a lot of potential to crank out a lot of good games but doesn't. He has a cool cat avatar that was probably made with 5 pixels


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18th February, 2008 at 10:34:08 -

1) Um I don't really like praising myself since it can comes across as arrogant.
Well, I'm pretty shy and can be lazy at times but I try to be helpful whenever I can.
In recent years Ive developed a bit of a temper and find myself getting into arguments more often. Although thats more to do with sticking up for myself than making myself look good.
Abilities? um i know just enough to get by in most cases lol. I do get caught out sometimes when i start talking about things i know nothing about. I do have a National diploma in computer science though.

2) Del Duio, I don't know much about you mate, sorry. You seem like a decent person. I can't really say much more.




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18th February, 2008 at 22:29:52 -

I am Insane. I live in my head and come out once in awhile to visit this reality. I like to say "I" alot. I is a kewl word. I'm word-lengthy often. I I I I .. I I I I I I I I .. I I I .. I I .. I I .. I I I.. .. I am. I wish I could fly in the sky. I sleep alot. I think i'm good at the little amount of code logic that I know, but can't be sure. It takes me a long time to accomplish anything at all. I'm trying to fix that. I am a Force to be reckoned with .. but also not so much. I am a total mess, but I help who I can, if I can. I hate myself and love myself at the same time. Did I mention I'm an abstract thinker and a creative genius ? ... loads of ideas in my head ... but I'm not Intelligent enough to make them happen .. (intelligence referring to the quickness at which I learn) .. which isn't so fast ... I'm witty at times ... did I mention I'm rather wordy sometimes ? ... I'm just crazy .. insane in the membrane with only myself and the people around me to blame. Self proclaimed Legend of nothing whatsoever, I am the Dream's Dream turned Nightmare. I am arrogant. I am pathetic. I am right. and sometimes wrong, but surprisingly to myself, not often. I am a contemplative multi-lingually Illiterate Nut who needs to learn how to Focus and accomplish real life goals. Yea ... that's it .. that's closest I think.

I WISH that everyone would throw nice Open source TGF examples on TDC so I can learn from them. I hates filing through the crap to get to the good stuff. I'm annoyed by the fact that people don't want to share openly of their creations. I Feel that this site is meant for Learning and Growing as a Community. So what if someone were to take a small thing and use it in their game. God Forbid someone doesn't give you credit. Oh My ! That would be the end of the world .. .. Everything I post will be Open Source TGF .. (unless I win a contest or the lottery or something so I can get MMF2 Dev ... or if I get TGF2 .. (but since the layout is so unlike TGF's anyway, I might as well wait until I can afford MMF2 Dev) ... now the exception to this, is when you make some super large scale project that took years of hard work to make ... I understand wanting to keep the source of those secret .. but still, a nice little example of how some of the things done in such a game would be nice once in awhile.

Ok, this dude up above me is 5/5 .. I see him on here alot ... in fact, you are all 5/5's in my book .. you guys are funny .. make me grin in my mind alot. And even though Phizzy was a trouble maker .. I liked him too .. he was Hilarious. Think they'll ever let him come back ?

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19th February, 2008 at 00:40:33 -

I guess I'm a pretty good coder, I'm never happy with what I've just finished (basically I look at what I've made and I think it sucks ) and I get impatient with others... Easily >_>. I work hard initially but I tend to get slacker and slacker over time, until I suddenly get re-motivated.

MBK: Erm... Never seen you before, but since you wrote two paragraphs I'd say that's a pretty good rating!



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19th February, 2008 at 01:02:44 -

I'm an O.K. coder but I still got a lot to learn. Ive put a lot of work into countless games, and then deleted them the next day. Spelling is not something I'm good at but luckily I have firefox

Ben: All of your games are great(except for meebles). You sounded like a cool person on the klickcast.



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19th February, 2008 at 02:37:44 -

I'm pretty sure all my graphical abilities were dumped into my coding abilities, because I can't draw stick figures without accidentally giving it a penis or birth defect. I can do everything else well enough though. I play the devil's advocate a lot and it pisses people off, it's great!

Ricky doesn't like to see people fight at TDC, and should release more games so people can see his ideas rather than using only himself as a judge.

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19th February, 2008 at 09:53:04 -

DEX 14
CON 12
INT 15
CHA 10

I'm decent with both coding and graphics, but I can't do music to save my life (with the exception of the battle theme I made for Rand0mness) and my games are usually way too hard. I try not to work on too many projects at a time, but I still often get to points where I'm not getting anywhere for a while. Most of my recent games have been too experimental/random to really be any good.



I haven't really seen much of his work, but from seeing his avatars, I'd say his graphical abilities are pretty good. That pre-tour game looks crazy-awesome though! I might download that.

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21st February, 2008 at 22:55:18 -

2) Hmm.. I've seen Snerlin around, I think I even downloaded some of his games and liked them.. but I can't remember which one.

I draw background (non-animated) art ok, depending on my mood. My coding is quite good, I could do most things, though I miss out very obvious things a lot of the time and MMF disagrees with most of the things I do.

Disclaimer: Any sarcasm in my posts will not be mentioned as that would ruin the purpose. It is assumed that the reader is intelligent enough to tell the difference between what is sarcasm and what is not.



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22nd February, 2008 at 06:22:04 -

1) I'm a decent pixel artist and music composer. Though I gave up using MMF as a medium of coding since I pretty much suck on coding with it and went with coding my games in Java or another programming language. I usually get along with most people and when I don't I try to sort it out most of the times.
I feel like I haven't really reached the potential I should be at when it comes to game creation but I'm working on it. I'm quite semi-active like some periods of time I post and sometimes I lurk around.

2) Don't know much about Muz more than that we apparently look alike a little bit. And oh yeah he often shares alot of his ideas and thoughts about game creation which sadly I feel he doesn't do that much with. Otherwise I'd say he is a good coder and a nice guy and has genuinely contributed to the community.

EDIT: Fixed some spelling

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