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10th October, 2008 at 07:40:52 -

Originally Posted by BrandonC

Originally Posted by cecil64

Originally Posted by BrandonC

Originally Posted by Adam Phant
You might be able to make it for the Xbox Live Arcade, via the XNA Creator's Club. It uses the .NET framework, I believe, so you'd just have to learn that and use the .net object. You'd also have to fork $100 over to Microsoft in order to test your games out. A bad investment if you can't actually get the game to ever work.

You could learn .NET programming and make your game that way, I suppose, but then you won't be using MMF.

Actually, you pitch the game to Microsoft, they'll give you thumbs up or thumbs down, then the SDK. Once you have the SDK and you design the game, get it tested, rated, etc... give it back to them, they'll put it up on the market place, and you'll get a percentage of the earnings.

sorry misuse of xbox terms i meant xbl marketplace. as i assume so did adam.

you use xna which is free and downloadable, you dont need microsofts permission beforehand to use it or develop. once you have completed the game you need to be signed up to xna creators club as me and adam already mentioned which is round 100$ a year. once submitted it goes through peer review to make sure its stable and safe to play. then you can sell it on the market place.

Interesting. Didn't know that. I did read up some where though, and I'm willing to accept it was wrong, but if you pitch an idea to Microsoft and they think it's good... they'll help you in some way, to bring it to the market place. Even if it means giving you an efficient SDK to work with. Not saying this is true though, look up on it though. Maybe you can find someone I missed.

well youre actually right. in order to get it on the xbox live arcade microsoft needs to approve of the game and of the developer beforehand. but if youre just someone who wants to get a game out there you do it through xna creators club which is easier and you can still make money. its just on the marketplace not the live arcade. food for thought.



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10th October, 2008 at 18:34:44 -

Originally Posted by \/\/olf
Wow. That's a lot of information. Thanks guys, will definitely come in handy. So basically, one can use the .net object to create games in mmf and then can play it on xbox360. But you cant actually see how it works until you hand over the $100 to them for testing. And after you pitch the idea, right??.

I don't think you can use the .net object in MMF. As far as I know that object just lets you run .net code but won't magically transform your app into an xbox-compatible one.



10th October, 2008 at 23:51:50 -

Of course the .NET object won't make MMF games run on a 360. But if it lets .NET code to be used in MMF, then it seems reasonable to think that it can be the interface between the Xbox and MMF2.

It seems like someone knowledgeable of the .NET framework and $100 should test this. It could be perhaps one of the greatest breakthroughs for the Klik community if it works!


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11th October, 2008 at 00:32:50 -

Originally Posted by \/\/olf

As for the Tv dongle thingy. How does it work? I read some reviews about it and not all of them resulted in me wanted to buy it. And yeah, I do have a fairly new monitor.

The TV dongle is just that. A Freeview TV receiver. But the monitor itself has an S-Video, Composite, Component, VGA and DVI input which covers all new consoles.
You can buy breakout (and in) boxes that give you lag-free video input but they can be a bit expensive, and overkill.

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12th October, 2008 at 05:52:59 -

I see. How expensive are we talking about here? :S

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