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Jess Bowers

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29th June, 2009 at 21:33:35 -

Okay, first let me apologize for the long post. I'll try to organize it as well as I can.


Part 1: Questions/Poll

1. How many of you have game controllers (e.g. joysticks, Xbox controllers, etc.) that you can connect to your PC?

I'm assuming the vast majority don't have a game controller that can be connected to a PC - but, who knows? Also, FYI: only the Xbox 360 wired controller can connect to the PC for gameplay (not the wireless version). If you do have a controller, please also download the ZIP file mentioned below.

2. How many of you program your games with a joystick/game controller in mind?

I am specifically thinking of platform games. If you're developing your game with the ability to change the control scheme to a game controller, I'd really like to know.

3. How many of you have played around with the Joystick 2 object?

If you've worked with this object, specifically the Force Feedback on it - I'd love to know.


Part 2: Game Play/Feedback

If you DO have a game controller that you can connect to your PC, I'd like to get your feelings on how well a controller with Force Feedback has enhanced this game's gameplay.

Inside the ZIP file, you'll find the following:
Teppodon-Keyboard.exe -- Unmodified Level 1 of Teppodon
Teppodon-Keyboard.mfa -- Unmofified Level 1 of Teppodon (source)
Teppodon-Controller.exe -- Modified Level 1 of Teppodon
Teppodon-Controller.mfa -- Modified Level 1 of Teppodon (source - requires Joystick2 object)
Joystick2 -- Joystick2 Object

The controls for the original keyboard version are:
Left / Right - Move
Down - Free Hostage, Open Box
Shift - Jump
Control - Shoot
A - Switch Weapon
S - Drop Weapon
Z - Strafe
J - Suicide

The controls for the controller version (if using an Xbox 360 controller) are:
Left Analog Stick - Left / Right / Up / Down
Left Analog Stick (down) - Free Hostage, Open Box
A - Jump
B - Strafe
X - Switch Weapon
Trigger - Shoot
Right Bumper - Drop Weapon
Back - Suicide
Start - Restart Level

So, please do this:
1. Try out both versions (keyboard first / controller second)
2. Decide on the following: Gameplay is enhanced:
-- A. Not at all
-- B. A little
-- C. A lot
-- D. Greatly enhanced
3. Let me know what you think!


Part 3: Notes

1. Teppodon is not my game! It was developed by the prolific Japanese indy game maker, Ikiki ( I'm not a huge fan of the platform engine (which tends to sink the sprite into the ground after jumping) but the weapons in the game are just incredible! If you haven't played Teppodon before, make sure you download the entire game and play it! It's fantastic! Also, I placed all of the weapons at the start of the game (so that you could try them out) in the modified version. Only the code for the Joystick 2 object is mine (which isn't really that much).

2. z33z is the developer of the Joystick 2 object. Thank you, z33z! z33z used the latest DirectX SDK to compile this object. If you find the Joystick2 object is crashing, you probably need to update your version of DirectX. (

3. If Captain Plokey turns out half as good as Teppodon, I will be extremely happy. This is the primary reason I'm conducting this poll. I've enjoyed playing Teppodon with a controller and force feedback so much that I'd like to know if anyone else might do the same. Is it worth it to put the time and effort into adding controller support if no one will use it?



Dr. James MD



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29th June, 2009 at 22:11:37 -

1. I do! Xbox 360 wired.
2. I do! Titan Omega supported 4 button controllers and Tormi supports everything on a 360 controller.
3. I have! Not so much the force feedback side. I've added in 3 forms of rumble, one for fall landing and quick impacts, one for continual gentle things (earthquakes, pushing) and one mega one for explosions. Just create the rumble effect under the extension then trigger it, but add in fail safes to cut it off at the end of frames etc.

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29th June, 2009 at 22:45:20 -

Part 1
1. Yes: a Logitech PS2 type controller.
2. I plan to in a future project, but just because I want the player to aim with a joystick. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't feel the need to include controller support.

Part 2
For this one: Not at all. I really prefered the keyboard controls.
With "2 buttons" games though, Controllers can be nice.



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29th June, 2009 at 23:31:43 -
You can use wireless Xbox 360 controllers on the PC now.

In response to the post, I have an Xbox 360 wired controller hooked up to my computer. I keep the wireless synced with my Xbox 360.

PS: I have worked with the Joystick Object and I've had it working with the Xbox 360 wired controller, rumble and all. However it had a small issue with requesting a DLL file on some computers which didn't have the absolute latest version of DirectX, or a Hotfix or some sort. When I told the guy who created it, he released a new version that supposedly fixed it, but I don't have access to the computers which caused the issue, so I can't say whether or not the issue is actually gone or not.

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Jess Bowers

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30th June, 2009 at 03:46:43 -

Dr. James - Thanks! Actually, I mispoke about the Force Feedback. I meant rumble. Good advice about fail safes to stop it at the end of the frame.

Spitznagl - Thanks for the feedback! For myself - I was sort of preferring the controller over the keyboard (for this game) but that might be because I was so thrilled with the rumble (not so much the feel of the controller). I should play it without rumble and see if I still like it.

BrandonC - Thanks for the info on the wireless game receiver! I've had an Xbox 360 for awhile but never knew about the wireless receiver. I bought a wired controller specifically for the PC but I guess I could have picked up one of those.

Also, I've run into the issue you're mentioning -- Joystick2 object having problems on computers without the latest version of DirectX. It's probably the ONE thing that makes me wary of using the object. I'd like to use the object for two reasons:
- 1. Rumble
- 2. Ability to use the Xbox 360 controller triggers for shooting (which I could not do with the MMF2's builtin joystick functionality)
However, I'd hate to have to ask people to update their DirectX just to play an indy game. I just don't think it would happen.

Dr. James/BrandonC - have you guys tried the Teppodon level with the controller? I'm curious as to what you think of the gameplay with the controller (mostly because I'm aiming for something similar with another game). Teppodon does use a number of buttons (jump, fire, switch weapons, drop weapons, etc.) so I understand where Spitznagl is coming from when he says that he prefers the keyboard for that setup.



30th June, 2009 at 04:57:12 -

I have a logitech controller and the left analog stick actions don't work. It's because the driver reads it as changing the POV, not X or Y. For me, the D-Pad serves as my X and Y. I did try to add joystick support to my games, but it failed and messed up horribly.

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