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25th October, 2009 at 13:02:06 -

Originally Posted by miss chloecakes

and if all else fails, use the fire spell.

i am error.

Out of Mana

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27th October, 2009 at 08:06:40 -

Well ... I don't know about the fancy MMF2 stuff, but in TGF1 you just have to make sure the events of bring to front are in the correct order.

What I mean by this is the actual order that you add the events IN the event editor must be placed in the order you want them to happen.
So if you use only one event for the bring to fronts, it can get confusing and even cause glitches at times.
It's best to seperate the events then put the bring to front event stuff you want further in the background in the event editor first.
Then the next to back next, and the other bring to front events after those.

This creates the actual order of logic flow and keeps the program from becoming confused and trying to do things at the same time.
The logic flow is from top to bottom in the event editor. Hope this helps some.

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