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20th October, 2016 at 20/10/2016 10:03:13 -

It was a Pokemon! Glalie is it's evolution but now that pokemon doesn't called Slalie anymore but Snorunt!
What made Gamefreak make this sudden change and call it Snorunt instead of Slalie? It is strange as I must say that Slalie and Glalie kinda went together well and suddenly at one point the name of the Slalie Pokemon has been changed into Snorunt!

Another case I couldn't avoid, As if they wanted to add insult to injury was the Pokemon Minum! Plusle's twin!
It's name was Minum, with an M at the and of it's name and not with the letter N at the end of it's name! Minum's name has been changed as well for a strange reason! And I don't know even why!

I tried to search over these original names of the Pokemon in the internet but has found nothing related to Slalie or Minum! All entries shows their changed and updated names! Please, If anyone can tell me what happened and why did the names were at one point changed I will be thankful! Also, if anyone here remember anything about Snorunt being Slalie I will be greatful to know!

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