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  28/11/2017 00:18:55
29th November, 2017 at 29/11/2017 01:37:15 -

Hello there! I am wondering if someone could help me with making my first game!! I have already installed the free version of click team and I believe i'm ready!!
Just reply to this and give me some of you're information (Nothing personal) and I'll be glad to recruit you!!





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29th November, 2017 at 29/11/2017 19:50:20 -

You might be better off learning the engine on your own first.

You can follow the tutorial included, and then look up some tutorials online. Clickteam's website has some resources.

Build something cool on your own, and then show it off here. If it catches someone's eye they're more likely to want to work with you on something better!

Good luck! <- My portfolio site for showing off projects and finished games. <- Old blog I don't keep up anymore <- My best mobile game, made with Fusion.


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3rd December, 2017 at 03/12/2017 19:47:48 -

I'm sure we're all happy to help if you're having trouble but you wont get many recruits when no one knows what they're helping with.
You don't want us to make your game for you, do you?

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