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Dave S.

2nd July, 2022 at 02/07/2022 19:15:48 -

Is there a way to reorder objects (by name) in the events editor other than manually doing this. For some reason they are all mixed up (there's over 100). Thanks.



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5th July, 2022 at 05/07/2022 22:03:28 -

I don't think there is any way automatically sort objects in the event editor in the current build. I haven't heard of it as a feature for build 294, but we can hope. You could also suggest it to Clickteam.

In terms of sorting objects by type, there is one trick you could try:
* Use the menu and select 'Object filters' to filter by type of object. You can filter by all but one object type to just show that type.
* If you then create a new object folder and drag all objects of that type into that folder. Yes you will have to move them one at a time. Once you are done you can show all objects.
* If you move an object into a folder and collapse the folder, if you drag the folder then expand it then all the objects in the folder will be moved.

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