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perhaps a little stupid

  30/06/2022 20:30:32
14th July, 2022 at 14/07/2022 17:45:24 -

the title pretty much says it all, what is your opinion on the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, whether it be the original 2 games by chris sawyer, or when atari took over.

personally my favorite is the original 2.



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21st July, 2022 at 21/07/2022 19:33:47 -

I've never played the Roller Coaster Tycoon games although I have seen a few cool YouTube videos of rollercoasters made in it. I'm impressed that the original game was mostly written in assembly to get maximum performance.

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9th February, 2023 at 09/02/2023 04:09:05 -

First 2 games were really groundbreaking at the time. 3rd game was great foray into 3D. Thrillville is the 4th Roller Coaster game by Frontier, and it was a bit different since you couldn't fully customize the park layouts, but I believe the sequel/expansion let you do so. And it had a fun and unique system where you could converse with park guests. And now we have Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo by Frontier which are amazing. I also love the Theme Park series by Bullfrog if you haven't tried those. Very dated, but I felt the business management aspect was always better than the RCT games.

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  19/03/2024 01:53:12
22nd March, 2024 at 22/03/2024 03:14:52 -

I like 3 the most. I dunno why, I guess the sandbox mode just really spoke to me. Never had a good time with the challenges as a kid. Zoo Tycoon had the same issue, I was always more of a fan of the sandbox modes because I was too dumb to figure out the game mechanics.

I will say, Chris Sawyer is the man I WANNA be. Thought C was superfluous and programmed an entire Windows game in assembly. Do you know how nuts you have to be to program ANYTHING for Windows in assembly? This operating system was NOT designed with assembly programmers in mind. Hell, (the documented side of) Win32 has gotten increasingly hostile towards C programmers over the years too.
When I make awesome games in assembly in the distant future, I'll know I've made it.
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