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1st July, 2003 at 14:24:39 -

i rember doing that! bloody hell!

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2nd July, 2003 at 07:32:04 -

Yea, i never find it slows my games down, unless it creates lots of object without destroying them..... Or the deadly sound thing that Death Reaper X said... *YeEcH*!


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Mr Saturn

2nd July, 2003 at 10:13:00 -

What Cybermaze said seems to make sense as to why the "Always" condition was the fastest.



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2nd July, 2003 at 10:45:44 -

the always condition is NOT the fastest cause when i make "shadowtrails" with semitransparent objects the every 00.00.00 condition creates more objects than the always... but every 00.00.02 should create just as many but it doesnt!

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2nd July, 2003 at 14:08:05 -

Daniel[Crazy_Productions], I said the always condition is the less cpu and memory using one. Every uses more processing and memory power.

I said nothing about what condition creates more objects. But I may have an idea why you get different results.

If you use the always condition to create 1 object like a black box a random place you should get 50 boxes in 1 second since the event list is run 50 times a second (once every 0.02 seconds).

If you use every 00.00.02 seconds you should get the same number of objects IF the every is precise.

If you use every 00.00.00 you should get more objects. MMF may handle this by calculating how many times the given time happens in 0.02 seconds. 00.00.00 is not a real time so MMF may round it to the smallest time it can handle. This may be 0.01 seconds. If this is true every 00.00.00 should get you 100 objects in a second IF the every is precise and handled this way.

So it is for sure, that always is the most precise 00.00.02 condition IF the computer can run the game fast enough.

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2nd July, 2003 at 19:04:47 -

In my experience, the always condition would work fast. But using it repeatedly over and over in difrent conditions, things didnt WORK as good. I dont remember performance issues. I dont doubt that the every .01 second condition is more comp intensive, but it sure does work better then always. But to notice the difrence, you gotta have complex stuff going on.

I have 1 always, right under the Start Of Level condition. It holds tons of friggen actions, and then for everything else, I have everys. And theres alot! Works for me, on a 900 mhz pent 3 256 ram.

Lets see if anybody can explain why they have the NEVER condition. Since if you tell it to never do somthing, the code that tells it TO do it, overrides. (I know the awnser of course)

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